I want to send love out into the world – that might seem superfluous to some but it moves mountains for me!


SIRO cashmere is something very special to me and when I created the collection of tee-shirts I wanted to send love and a ‘hug’ to everyone who wears one.

With this in mind I personally chose 5 words of love in French and 5 in Italian, and so during production in Italy I had these messages stitched on the inside of the tee-shirts… look inside your SIRO cashmere tee-shirt and find the LUUUUVVV

Here are a few secrets you will hear whisper to you when you wear a SIRO tee….

  Sei la mia fantasia    –    you’re my fantasy

  Voglio solo te    –    I want only you

                                                          Mon coeur est a toi    –    my heart is yours

                                                          Je veux te gouter    –    I want to taste you

I look forward to hearing from you – order your SIRO cashmere lux tee-shirt online at …

and a hug from me to you.

Heidi xx