Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 9.56.07 AM I remember the smell of my Grandma’s house – I was 4yrs old and I used to go for supper every Wednesday… still to this day that smell can be triggered by various things and I am transported back to those wonderful moments and memories with my Grandma.  The power of smell.

Knowing this I decided to create a SIRO scent to add to the experience of the brand.

I live next door to the perfume capital of Grasse so after some research I discovered Marie Duchene and her company


I knew exactly the smell I wanted for – the smell of the sea, the citrus trees of the Cote d’Azur and the pines of the coastline –

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After a few weeks of sniffing, adding, mixing, layering and sniffing some more, Marie and I handcrafted a bespoke and unique SIRO scent – a smell that I hope will trigger memories of days spent lounging on Pampelone Beach, St Tropez, sauntering through the flower market in Nice or sipping rosé wine atop the rolling hills of the Cote d’Azur.

When you receive your SIRO cashmere handcrafted box, open it and you will smell the French Riviera, you will see and touch the colours and softness of the Riviera in your luxury tee-shirt and appreciate the beauty of life in this corner of paradise.

I would like the SIRO scent to initiate, trigger and transport you to a memory or place that is special to only you!

Go ahead and order your lux tee and see where it ‘takes you’ :))

Let me know –

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