Luxury and simplicity are 2 of my favourite words!! I wanted to create a world and wardrobe that incorporated the ‘simplicity of luxury’ .

A simple luxury tee-shirt!!!  There begins the story of SIRO cashmere.

In life, I truly believe ‘you gotta rock what ya got’ … some women have great shoulders or boobs, others have great arms or a curvy waistline – we must showcase our assets ladies!! I designed my luxury tee-shirt collection for us all – I cut the V-necks a little lower, I made the tee-shirt length a bit longer, an ‘off-the-shoulder’ for those with a little ‘ooh-la-la’ and made 3 different arm lengths to compliment all arm shapes… yep! You’re welcome 😉 Then I wanted the most luxurious yarn, the best in the world, with colours that highlighted the beauty of where I live  –  the French Riviera!

play-smallpoppiesI chose cashmere – and the very best of the best… LORO PIANA cashmere!! Their colour palette was perfect for my ‘story’… the ‘burnt orange’ like the tiled terracotta roofs of the region, the ‘beige’ like the sand on Pampelonne Beach in St Tropez, the ‘violet’ like the lavender and the ‘lime green’ like the pine trees lining the Riviera coastline. I used 85% silk and 15% cashmere for my first capsule collection.  The silk and cashmere combination gives the luxury, quality and comfort we all love plus the glamorous ‘sheen’ effect from the silk mix.  Each luxury tee-shirt holds a ‘message of love’ from the Riviera… I chose 5 sensual sentances in French and 5 in Italian – they are stitched inside the garment so they nurture and whisper to you every time you wear your SIRO cashmere.

Then I thought about smell and how powerful this sense is, how it triggers and conjures up moments, memories, people and places inside our hearts and minds. I created a SIRO cashmere scent in the perfume district of Grasse here on the Cote d’Azur. I found a charming atelier with a gorgeous lady who understood me immediately… we women are good at this stuff!!

DSC_7166 RTDSC_7074 RT
When you open your carefully designed SIRO cashmere box you smell the sea, the citrus and pine aromas of the Riviera, then you unveil the simplicity and luxury of your SIRO cashmere luxury tee-shirt  – the unrivaled quality, the vibrant colours and the easy comfort accented with words of love  … ‘mon coeur est à toi’  or ‘voglio solo te’.

In a slightly self indulgent way I created SIRO cashmere with my female intuition and knowing what we women want, now I can’t wait to share SIRO cashmere with all you gorgeous, dynamic, intelligent women out there who, like me, appreciate the ‘simplicity of luxury’  …. or is it the ‘luxury of simplicity’